It is Your Birthright to Heal

The seven chakras (illustrated at right) are energy centers that determine how you feel about yourself and your world, your health, your weight, your relations with others, your finances, how you make decisions, and your spiritual growth. Emotional clutter in these chakras causes unhappiness and disease. At NYC Reiki Center we measure the state of your chakras and bring them into balance with the universal energy field that penetrates and surrounds all living things. Reiki, over a series of treatments, gently brings the chakras into alignment, freeing them of blockages, and charging them with Universal Life Force—the essence of harmony for body, mind and spirit. Schedule your first session now.

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Awake and yet floating serenely in a healing, dreamlike realm. Life's worries and stresses slip away. The body feels as if it has melted into the massage table. The consciousness shifts into a deep state of relaxation and natural self-healing by opening up to the universal flow of Reiki energy. This is the essence of every treatment.

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