NYC Reiki Center

Transformative Energy from a Loving Heart

"Reiki" (pronounced "ray-key"), is the Japanese word for "Universal Life Energy." This energy is all around us and we can channel it. An ancient healing art, Reiki is a simple method of hands on healing developed in the 1920s by Mikao Usui of Kyoto, Japan. During a treatment, The Reiki energy flows through the hands of the practitioner into the person being treated, enhancing and accelerating the natural healing processes in the body. Reiki helps to restore balance and harmony and promotes the relaxation response. It very successfully relieves anxiety, depression, and the "stuck" feeling that is so common in the modern world. Clients often report that they sleep better after a series of treatments, that they take the ups-and-downs of life less seriously, and generally experience a greater degree of peace.

A Sample Reiki Treatment with Brian Brunius