NYC Reiki Center offers traditional Reiki, as well as several other services. Please read the service descriptions below so you know what you'll receive.

Deep Cleanse Reiki Session (2 hours) $290

Deep Cleanse Reiki Session - 2 hours

This restorative and healing two-hour session includes a powerful conversation between the practitioner and the client to set goals for the treatment, during which the energetic transmission begins. Then the client gets onto the massage table, fully-clothed, for the hands-on portion of the Reiki session, which usually takes an hour and a half to complete. During this treatment, the client's aura and each chakra will be scanned and evaluated, and Reiki will be applied to bring the energy field back into balance. Each part of the physical body will be treated, and the mind and emotions will be worked on, as agreed upon during the conversation at the start of the appointment. Clients leave this session feeling VERY relaxed, so we urge them to sit for a bit after the treatment, drink lots of water, and have a slow and easy rest of the day.   More About Reiki Treatments

New Clients

A minimum of four Reiki sessions are recommended. We ask that you select the 2-hour session for your first treatment so we can perform a full evaluation and set goals for your future treatments. (Why 4 treatments?) After that, you may choose the 1-hour session for future treatments if you absolutely do not have time for the longer session.

For Your Appointment

Please arrive on time so you can enjoy the full session. And be sure to wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your relaxation during the treatment.

Cancellation Policy

Appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be billed at the full price of the scheduled treatment.

Rebalancing Reiki Session (1 hour) $190

Rebalancing Reiki Session - 1 hour

This rebalancing one-hour treatment is a quick touch-up for busy New Yorkers who have already had several longer Reiki treatments and don't have time for a full session. It's guaranteed to produce intense relaxation, a deep state of peace, and a better night's sleep. There's no conversation in this short session. Just jump up onto the table and let us lull you into another world with the soothing and balancing power of Universal Life Force energy.

Many clients who order this shorter session with Kevin like to combine it with a one-hour Intuitive Reading. Select both sessions and Kevin will combine your treatments and also give you a $50 discount.

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Additional Services

Guided Energetic Release (2 hours) $290

Guided Energetic Release - 2 hours

Using guided visualization, breathwork, and touch to locate blockages, resistance, and trapped emotions in the body, Matt Lesser makes energetic adjustments to allow proper energy flow, balance, and alignment to return. Matt’s primary intention is to create an environment of relief, ease, and gentility so that his clients leave a session feeling relaxed and feeling better, but most importantly, feeling themselves. Please allow two full hours for this treatment, and please don't plan any strenuous activities for after the session. Clients leave and generally go home to rest and regenerate. You might consider requesting this treatment on a day off.

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Rising Star Treatment (1 hour) $190

Rising Star Treatment with Kevin - 1 hour

A one-hour Rising Star session can assist in healing physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues, release trauma or illness, and quite simply transform your life! Unresolved issues, old or blocked energy and physical symptoms all fall away, leaving you feeling empowered, lighter, more joyful and energized. The Rising Star healing system even activates DNA, bringing forward your true potential and helping you to become the person you were born to be. Each Rising Star session brings healing to you for up to 21 days. It is probably the most complementary healing system available today.

Sessions are recommended in a series of three, 21 days apart. Each treatment may also be combined with an Intuitive Reading by Kevin and qualify for a combined $50 discount.

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Intuitive Reading (1 hour) $190

Intuitive Reading - Live with Kevin

This amazing session with Kevin Prospers will change your life! His readings are always spot-on accurate and lead clients to rediscovering and actualizing their full potential in life. Kevin can see who you were meant to be, and his gentle, compassionate guidance helps to entice that part of you to the surface so it can emerge from hibernation and blossom into your daily consciousness, shifting your awareness powerfully and helping you to transform into the person your Higher Self knows it can be.

Many clients who order this Intuitive Reading combine it with a one-hour Reiki treatment, or a one-hour Rising Star session. Select both sessions and Kevin will combine your treatments and also give you a $50 discount. This is the ultimate blessing package for those serious about transformation!

Readings by telephone - Call (917) 573-4439 to make an appointment. (Payment must be made in advance for these phone readings. You will be contacted by the office in advance of the appointment to collect payment by credit card.)

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Integrative Energy Coaching (2 hours) $290

Dynamic Energy Coaching

This is a Reiki treatment that combines both Reiki and coaching for the client. In this service, both the client and practitioner create 1 to 3 specific personal outcomes that they would like to work on during the (eight recommended) sessions, and each session provides the client space to talk as well as a Reiki treatment. The outcomes are outlined in the first session and clients will be asked to track their own progress outside of the sessions. The following sessions will include a conversation around a client's goals followed by a Reiki treatment to reinforce them energetically, in both the mind and the body. The goal of this practice is for clients to see their outcomes realized in their life - whether it be health, work or personal situations.

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