Read what others are saying about private sessions and classes with Brian Brunius at the NYC Reiki Center:

One of the most peaceful hours I’ve had in New York my whole life! Brian is calm and centered and brings you right there with him almost immediately. Truly a valuable experience!

– Fazila, New York

Please don’t be fooled by the hype. There are others out there called Reiki Masters, but Brian is the REAL deal. He brings genuine intuition and integrity to the traditional practice of Reiki. If you are looking for an authentic Reiki treatment or training in NYC, Brian is a phenomenal choice. I’ve worked one-on-one and in workshops with other energy and spiritual practitioners at top wellness destinations and institutions, and Brian clearly belongs among the elite group of professionals in his craft.

– Alison, New York

I’ve been interested in energy work for some time now and it took a while for me to find the person to give me my first reiki treatment. I absolutely LOVE Brian. He is so personable and so genuine and that means a lot to me. As for me being a skeptic of reiki itself….turns out its real. You can FEEL the energy. I enjoyed my session with Brian so much I’ve already signed up for the my first reiki COURSE. Whoop whoop!

– Kerrie, New York

Brian is the Reiki Master I’ve been looking for! As a Reiki practitioner with my own business, I had already received my Level I & II attunements from other teachers; however, I recently repeated my Level I with Brian through his partnership with SF Reiki Center and am so glad I did! His training provided an incredibly helpful solid, practical foundation in traditional Usui Reiki. As a teacher, Brian is engaging, thorough, warm, and intuitive about each student’s needs, and he’s just a lovely person as well! I can’t wait to repeat my Level II attunement with him!

– Sarah, Monterey

Brian is an amazing healer, master, and teacher. His calming benevolent presence makes you feel at ease whence you enter his office, and he’s always sure to greet you with a welcoming, loving smile. I’ve only had one private session with Brian (which was incredible) and it convinced me of the power of Reiki and I quickly signed up for his Reiki Lv 1 course. I’ve been practicing for about a half a year now and can’t wait to sign up for his Lv 2. I recommend Brian to everyone who’s interested in alternative methods of healing, and anyone who wants to expand their mind, heart, and consciousness. It’s done wonders me, and I’m sure it’ll do wonders for you. Brian is an extraordinary person, who offers an extraordinary service, plain and simple.

– Kevin, Queens

Brian is an amazing teacher and healer. He takes his time during Reiki sessions to understand his client and assist them in what first brought them to Reiki. After I had learned about Reiki from a friend, I searched for Reiki masters in NYC and happened upon Brian’s studio – I feel fortunate enough to be both a client and a student almost two years after my first Reiki class. Brian’s guidance has helped bring tremendous healing and new experiences into my world. Both my family and friends have been referred to NYC Reiki Center and hope this review will serve to recommend others.

– Stephanie, New Haven

Brian is an amazing Reiki healer. He has been giving me Reiki for the last year. The Reiki energy has improved my health and has assisted me in getting through emotional times in my life. I first received distance Reiki sessions during the loss of my mother. The Reiki he sent left me feeling unusually calm given the circumstances of a major loss. In addition, Brian has sent me Reiki through two surgeries and lung issues. I love the way I feel after I receive Reiki from Brian. After a year of Reiki my mind is mostly calm, my health improving, and my mental state positive.

– Christopher, San Francisco

I attended Brian’s Level I Reiki class, and I was blown away! I’ve been to other Reiki trainings. NO ONE has given the depth of knowledge that Brian gives. I walked away with an excellent working facility of the practice. He gives LOTS of hands-on practice in the class. You learn by DOING. Best training I’ve had since attending the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy. So HAPPY I decided to start over with Brian!

– Pamela, Jersey City

My reiki session with Brian was really incredible. Halfway through the session I felt unbelievably relaxed even though I was going through an extremely stressful situation in my life. I was also recovering from a very toxic relationship and seemed to feel like a burden from that situation had been lifted after the session. If you are having trouble getting over any situation that may be spiritually or physically difficult, or if you just want some advice of a really gifted and spiritually in-touch healer, then you should try a reiki session with Brian. I don’t think every reiki healer is good enough to give a try, but Brian is probably the best one in the New York area. I think a reiki session is one of the most amazing experiences anyone can try and is well worth the investment for your own spiritual journey and health. If I could, I would get a reiki healing session every week and is well worth giving up other “comforts” to try. Given how cleansing and refreshing a session is, I think completing a reiki healing session is equivalent to spending three days alone resting!

– Gia, New York

I was suffering from extreme chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivity, following treatment for Stage IV cancer (non-Hodgkins lymphoma). I could not even take the supplements I had been prescribed, and nothing seemed to help. I did Internet research and read about a woman with a similar medical history and symptoms, who had been cured by long-term Reiki. This was the first I had heard of Reiki, and I was not a believer whatsoever. Nevertheless, I was willing to try anything that might help.

Similar Internet research led me to Brian Brunius. I was impressed by his training, lineage, and sincerity, and the fact that he offered distance treatment, as I did not have the energy to travel to his office. I have now been doing distance treatment for 9 months with Brian.

In my case, Reiki has been near-miraculous for pain. It instantly resolved 90% of whatever pain I was suffering from. I had acute backaches—even strong prescription painkillers had not helped. I was astonished by the permanent relief I experienced from pain. This is a fact.

Reiki has been a spiritual experience for me. I have had major shifts in consciousness and in my emotional life. During one session, I had an extraordinary out-of-body experience in which I felt totally connected to God, the grandeur of the Universe, total bliss and being totally taken care of by the Universe. After that I knew that I could never doubt again, despite all my anxieties about my health and future. For that one experience alone, Reiki has been worth it for me. I have such a strong connection during the Reiki treatments that I always know when the sessions begin and end, despite doing distance treatment. I never would have believed any of this if I had not experienced it personally.

I do get an energy boost and feelings of happiness after a Reiki treatment, which are definitely beneficial. Overall I feel stronger and much less chemically sensitive than before I started Reiki. However, I still have a ways to go with these particular issues, particularly the lack of energy. There appears to be no instantaneous cure for this.

Brian has been extraordinary, very kind and wanting to be of service to others, always making himself available for clients, being genuinely concerned and following up after Reiki treatments. Several times he has known about a health issue I am having, before I and the doctors became aware of it. He is a true energy healer.

-Miriam J., New York City

Brian is a genuinely caring and gentle soul who starts his healing and teaching of reiki with compassion and a genuine desire to understand where you are at, and what you are going through. He seeks to heal, and is far from self-promoting. I would refer anyone to him without hesitation. He is also a great teacher and feels deeply connected and inspired by the healing powers of reiki.

-Sarah A., Manhattan, NY

I’m not really sure where to begin. I have heard a bit about Reiki throughout my life and had been intrigued by a close friend’s experience with some recent sessions and a class. Having been interested in healing and self/general-life improvement I decided to take a weekend class to learn more about Reiki.

The weekend long Reiki Level 1 class I took was amazing. It was a small intensive over two days with two other people, with Brian as our teacher. We learned hand positions, history and gained hands on experience.

I have had several sessions with Brian now and each one is a little different. I find it to be a time to ask questions, absolutely relax and feel safe while I learn more about myself and body through this energetic healing moment.

My life has changed dramatically, without immense drama. Through sessions with Brian and now giving myself Reiki I have found more calm and courage than before. I don’t think I can accurately describe the speed at which I have grown throughout many ventures in my life following my Level 1 class and subsequent sessions.

Should you be interested in learning more I urge you to book a session, relax and enjoy the opportunity to grow.

-Sasha K., Brooklyn, NY

I had my first real Reiki experience at NYC Reiki Center in New York, NY.

I have chronic pain and have for years due to Lupus.  I was visiting from out of town and a dear friend suggested that I seek treatment from a man named Brian Brunius.  I was in so much pain the previous day that I had to be pushed into the plane in a wheelchair, which is super sassy for a 30-year-old woman.

Tired, frustrated and emotionally drained, I plopped into the office, removed my shoes and began waiting for the locusts to come.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t carrying a 50% nervous, 50% skeptical chip on my shoulder when I arrived.  However, the moment I stepped into the room & saw Brian’s warm face everything melted away.  New York City and its loud mouth were gone.  This room, this man, had replaced the harsh growl of the city with comfort and warm light you could almost chew, and boy was that light delicious!

There was a jolt of energy rushing through me as soon as I felt Brian’s freakishly hot hands on my body.  I was in a tremendous amount of pain just from lying there on the table.  Brian was extremely aware of where the pain was….don’t ask me how.  I started crying as I began to feel him chasing the pain out of my body with the precision of a surgeon.  Without flinching, Brian took the time to reassure me & allow me to speak the truth that was mine in that moment.  I can’t tell you that I’ve ever felt safer.

I stood up and noticed the change in my mind, soul & body immediately.  That is something that no doctor I’ve gone to in the last 6 years has been able to facilitate.  I’m honestly so grateful that I was able to bear witness to his gift.

The majority of pains that I’d had the previous day were gone.  In fact, there are some places in my body that were violently painful for weeks before the treatment.  It’s been about 4 weeks now & I have yet to see a lot of them return.  Not to say that I don’t still have ailments, but they’re so much better than they were in many ways.  After I left, Brian was excellent about checking in, sending distance treatments & continuing to offer his assistance without me even having to ask.  I couldn’t be more impressed or thankful.

If you’re in the New York City area and you’re looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate healer that will do any & everything he can to help you, there’s really nothing left to do but make your way to Brian Brunius at NYC Reiki Center.  Tuck your nerves & your skeptical chip in your back pocket and head over immediately.

-Kristen M., Tampa, FL

Before going to see Brian, I had Reiki done on me only one other time. My first experience was a good so I felt pretty convinced of the benefits.

Brian made me feel at ease from the start. He encouraged me to ask questions and speak up if I had any discomfort. I had been experiencing severe chronic pain for nearly 2 years before seeing him. Having a Reiki treatment would be another attempt (after massage, acupuncture, Chinese herbal treatment, etc) to alleviate some of the pain.

After 2 sessions with Brian, I decided to take the certification course so that I could practice on myself and share this healing modality with others. The amount of pain I had been experiencing for nearly 2 years has decreased by some 90 percent — even more.

I highly recommend making a reiki appointment with Brian who is gentle, knowledgeable, patient and positive.

– Kala L., Brooklyn, NY

This was my first time doing Reiki. I happened to stumble upon the NYC Reiki Center doing a search on the web. It was the best “accident” that I’ve had. Brian is very professional, informative and calming. His gifts go beyond the application on the Reiki process. He is attentive from beginning to end and even his follow up after the session is over. I also took his level one Reiki instruction and have been using the techniques that he taught as per his lineage every day since and I am looking forward to continuing further study.If you are looking for a great experience with Reiki I highly recommend Brian and the NYC Reiki Center.

– Tenjin, Brooklyn, NY

When I decided to start training with Reiki, I chose to take Reiki Level 1 with Brian because he has very good and direct lineage and training himself.  Hardly least, he is also one of the most loving and gentle people I think I’ve ever met!  I completed Reiki Level 1 with Brian in May.  His ease in communicating and explaining a seemingly esoteric modality was refreshing and reassuring.  The positive results I am experiencing are undeniable and beyond even my most far fetched expectations.  In addition to the thoroughness of the classes, he is very prompt and generous with follow up and support as questions/comments arise for me.  I am looking so forward to taking Reiki Level 2 with Brian asap.

-Severin D., Brooklyn, NY

There are not words to express my gratitude to Brian and his wonderful gift as a Reiki Master. It is my pleasure to write this review. When I first went to Brian I was experiencing adrenal exhaustion, fatigue, and abdominal pain associated with my reproductive organs. In addition, I had been experiencing anxiety and had high stress levels.

From the moment Brian began working with me, I began to feel dramatically better. Physically, I had much more energy, slept restfully, and experienced substantial improvement in inflammation and swelling around my reproductive organs. I found I was better able to handle stress as it affected my body. Emotionally, I felt grounded and centered through Brian’s gentleness with me, his genuine care and his remarkable intuitive ability.

Brian is thorough and committed to my well being as a whole person, on all levels. I felt empowered by him to commit to my healing more deeply. He is also very knowledgeable about Reiki, and I felt I was learning as much as healing. I appreciate very much that Brian is down to earth (and also hilarious!), I am so much healthier. Thank you for your healing hands, Brian.

-Betzabeth S., Manhattan, NY

I’m on my 9th session with Brian now, and I just registered for his next Reiki level 1 class. I love Reiki, and I love the way I feel after a session. I came for a specific physical problem, and even though it’s healed now, I am going to continue with Reiki because I can see and feel how my whole life and my perspectives are starting to change. My spiritual connection is opening, and I’m really looking forward to developing the kind of spirituality that I’ve experienced here. Let’s see what happens after I take the first class and can start giving myself Reiki treatments every day!

-Josephina P., Manhattan, NY

Brian is an amazing Reiki healer. He has been giving me Reiki for the last year.  The Reiki energy has improved my health and has assisted me in getting through emotional times in my life.

I first received distance Reiki sessions during the loss of my mother. The Reiki he sent left me feeling unusually calm given the circumstances of a major loss. In addition, Brian has sent me Reiki through two surgeries and lung issues.

I love the way I feel after I receive Reiki from Brian. After a year of Reiki my mind is mostly calm, my health improving, and my mental state positive.

-Christopher T., San Francisco, CA

I discovered Reiki after suffering a serious health issue and it really helped my to relax and recover in an amazing way.

The first time I saw Brian I was ready for my usual pleasant Reiki experience. Well I had the most profound healing and relaxing experience I have ever had and I have practiced yoga for years.

The kind energy and mannerisms of Brian along with his very knowledgeable practice made for a brilliant Reiki session. I can’t wait to pay  NYC Reiki center another visit.

-Andrew S., Los Angeles, CA

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