Diane Domondon is a Reiki Master Instructor practicing Usui Shiki Ryoho – The Usui System of Natural Healing.  During her intensive 3-year Master Instructor training, she often told her teacher Brian Brunius “If I ever survive this program, we are flying to Japan and climbing Mt. Kurama for the initiation!” And so they did in May 2019.

The Journey to Reiki

Diane’s journey began when the sudden loss of a loved one spiraled her into deep grief. Skeptical of energy work, she stepped into Reiki I class with no knowledge or experience of Reiki. A persistent calling and desperate need of healing lead her to enroll. She was astonished by the swift and complete relief the weekend workshop brought her. After months of emotional pain and anger, she experienced an overnight change in her perspective and feeling. She was determined to learn more and committed herself to sharing the gift of Reiki with as many people as she could.

At first, she simply treated loved ones and never missed a student circle at NYC Reiki Center. After second degree, she sought ways to strengthen her relationship with Reiki. Diane hosted private circles, volunteered regularly, participated in clinics in NYC and Long Island, and took hands-on and distant clients. Master training called her in 2016.

A Master Project

For her Master training project, Brian challenged Diane to pursue an aspect of Reiki that piqued her curiosity. This was a real challenge because every aspect of Reiki interested her! She was fascinated by the communities drawn by Reiki and began creating and hosting circles for students. Seeking a deeper connection with her initiating lineage, she started a project of interviewing Masters trained by John Harvey Gray. Her interest in the earliest origins of Reiki practice led to her ultimate project of translating and practicing the Reiki meditations of one of Usui Sensei’s Master students Tomita Kaiji.

At the Center

Since joining NYC Reiki Center as a practitioner in 2015, Diane has been integral to the Center’s ongoing projects. These include coordinating classes & events outside the Center, organizing research trips & pilgrimages, and treating clients & teaching.

In 2018, she became a board member of Reiki Centers of America, where she organized Usui Shiki Ryoho Grandmaster Phyllis Furumoto’s final public appearance in New York City. Diane is a member of The Reiki Alliance.