Reiki Master Training

For Reiki practitioners who want to teach Reiki to others…

Reiki Mastery is only offered to students who have extensive experience in the practice of Reiki–practice grounded in daily self-treatment and regular treatment of others over several years. Students must make a commitment to their own personal development, try to practice the five precepts in their lives, and have a desire to practice and teach Reiki as a primary occupation.

What’s Involved

The Reiki Mastery Program is a two-year apprenticeship. The master candidate must pay the required course fees, audit classes taught by the Master, assist in teaching several classes, complete assignments of books, videos, and audio files, and perform a research project. During the master training, master candidates build their own Reiki businesses under the guidance of the instructor, develop a clientele, and create the materials they will use to teach classes and certify students. At the culmination of the two-year training, they will teach their own classes and be evaluated by the instructor.

The other significant component of the master training is extensive spiritual growth. It can be a very emotional process, and even physically uncomfortable at times. The student’s energy level will expand significantly, as Reiki makes many changes physically and emotionally in the student to prepare them for the duties of a Master Instructor.

Common Mistakes

It is common in the world today to enter the path of Reiki Master quickly, without much preparation. It is not a sign of success to have a fast initiation or a weekend master training. Don’t be afraid to take years to discern your commitment to Mastery. Take the time to ripen. If you are to be a Master, this desire and calling will not go away. It will come back to you over and over again. It will come from deep inside of you; it will be more than just a good idea. You will recognize the strength of your commitment to this system expressed through several years of patient practice. When you are ready to begin, choose a lineage and a Master who can offer you the strongest and clearest connection to Reiki.

Get Started

The main purpose for pursuing Master Training is to teach Reiki classes. Unless the student has a strong desire to teach Reiki, there is generally no compelling reason to commit two (or more) years of time and significant hours of work and expense to completing the Master Instructor training.

Those who are sincerely interested in pursuing mastery should contact Brian Brunius at (917) 573-4439 to initiate a discussions.