Reiki Second Degree

In the second degree we will introduce three new tools to your practice: Increase the flow of energy to areas where your client needs it, use Reiki to heal mental and emotional issues, and send Reiki from a distance…

NOTE: This class is only open to those students who have taken the Reiki 1 course with Brian Brunius.

For those of you who feel ready to study Second Degree Reiki, please be aware that at least three months must have passed since you took the First Degree class, and you must be practicing self-treatment regularly. This is to ensure that you are ready for the increased energy that will come to you in Second Degree. Please call if you have any questions about whether you are ready.

The Second Degree Reiki class is taught over two days, usually on a Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, with a lunch break around 1 pm both days.

In the Second Degree you will learn three new techniques:

  • The first technique involves an increase of channeling power during the Reiki treatment process.
  • The second technique teaches you how to use Reiki to help with mental and emotional problems and addictions.
  • The third technique teaches you how to utilize Reiki for absent healing (i.e. healing others from a distance).

You will also:

  • Learn how to open intuitively to information while conferring with clients.
  • Review the emotional and attitudinal relationships affecting body energies, the scanning of energy fields, and the Reiki hand positions.
  • Learn the opening and closing spirals, which prepare the client for the Reiki energies and help retain those energies for the healing process.
  • Receive another series of meditative attunements, which open you to the additional energies needed for Second Degree Reiki work.
  • Cement your knowledge of the Second Degree through direct practice on other students.

NOTE: This class is only open to those students who have taken the Reiki 1 course with Brian Brunius.

Get Started

  1. View the Reiki Class Schedule to select a class date and register online.
  2. Or use the Reiki Level 2 Registration Form to sign up for the Second Degree Reiki Class by mail.

Cost: $600

Repeat: $300 to repeat the workshop if you have taken it before with Brian Brunius.

Reiki Students in Action

If you’re interested in learning Reiki with us, have a look at the following video. You will see some of our students in action at the Monday night Reiki Circles we host regularly and hear what they have to say about their experiences with Reiki.