Reiki for Companion Animals

Instructor: Victoria Wells

(Class held in Bushwick, Brooklyn)

“If you love Reiki and you love animals, this is the course for you!”

DISCOUNT: Two spots in this class are held for animal shelter workers or other animal related professionals. Please email before registering for the class to receive your 50% discount code.

About the Course

In this six-hour training course held over two days, Victoria Wells, well known animal behavior consultant and intuitive, will instruct Reiki students of all levels on how to administer Reiki effectively and safely to dogs and cats.

Day One

In addition to leading students through a preparatory meditation, Victoria will address:

Photo of Victoria Wells giving Reiki to a cat

  1. What is the difference between animal Reiki and human Reiki?
  2. How can you validate or quantify the benefits of animal Reiki?
  3. Animal chakras: Where are they and how to interpret physical and emotional imbalances?
  4. What is the difference in working with animals at home versus animals in a shelter?
  5. How to sense the chakras on a dog?
  6. Hands-on practice on a live dog.

Day Two

  1. Questions to ask before administering animal Reiki
  2. Determining when to perform a hands-on or hands-off treatment.
  3. Animal body language. When you should administer Reiki at a slight distance, place your hands on an animal, or be extremely passive in your practice, perhaps from a few feet away.
  4. Different techniques of hand positioning for emotional and physical issues based on the comfort level of the animal.
  5. Demonstration of Reiki for physical issues. Hands off.
  6. Real dog and stuffed animal practice for hand positioning.
  7. Observation of body language to determine if the animal that was being treated seems more relaxed.

Victoria will conclude the class by discussing volunteer opportunities after continued practice. She will provide students with a list of volunteer resources and suggest that students practice for 3 months on live animals before volunteering.

Materials Provided

  • Stuffed animals (and living dogs when available) will be provided for practice.
  • Notebooks and pens will be available for those who wish to take notes.

Certification Included

“Reiki for Companion Animals” certification from NYC Reiki Center will be issued to each student at the completion of the course.

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About the Instructor

Photo of Victoria Wells, Animal Reiki Instructor at the NYC Reiki CenterVictoria Wells is an intuitive and animal Reiki practitioner in the New York Area. She has devoted over 20 years to working with animals who were victims of severe abuse and neglect as the first behavior specialist in NYC to exclusively treat cruelty cases investigated by Humane law Enforcement and NYPD for the ASPCA. She was the featured behavior expert on Animal Planet’s Animal Precinct, Dogs 101, and co-hosted NY1’s bi-weekly pet segment.  While working with these behaviorally and medically compromised animals she discovered her intuitive abilities. Victoria was able to sense undiscovered illnesses and injuries that eluded forensic veterinarians. Through diagnostic medical equipment her intuitive feelings were validated, providing more evidence to prosecute animal abusers.

This led her to become a certified Reiki practitioner through the guidance of Brian Brunius and the New York City Reiki Center. She then focused her training and energy on developing a Reiki program at the ASPCA as part of the rehabilitation program for abuse and neglect cases. Victoria now practices Reiki full time on animal clients in the New York area suffering from both medical and behavior issues. As a science-based behavior consultant, the effects of Reiki without a doubt are obvious and tangible. Animals are objective and they have no preconceived notions about Reiki. Their behavior before and after the session is the true litmus test to quantify the effects, and their behavior substantially changes for the better. Reiki can prove beneficial in strengthening the animal human bond, decreasing anxiety, assisting in overcoming trauma, promoting an overall feeling of relaxation, and promote physical healing.