Need help with Reiki-related questions?

Students of Reiki – those who have studied with us or with any other Master – often have questions that develop over time. If you have questions you want to explore more deeply, please use the scheduling button below to book an appointment. You can choose to talk with either Brian (Reiki Master-Instructor) or Diane (Reiki Master-Practitioner). We’re always here to help you continue your journey with Reiki. Here are some of the questions students have asked recently:

  • Can I get a refresher on 2nd degree symbols and techniques?
  • How do I deepen my Reiki journey onto the Spiritual path?
  • I’m a Reiki Master but my master is no longer available and I need help.
  • I’m having mystical things happen when I use Reiki. What does it mean?
  • I need guidance with a specific treatment situation that has been difficult.
  • I feel like Reiki is making something weird develop in my life. What should I do?
  • I want to start holding my own Reiki Circles, and Reiki Volunteer group. How do I get started?
  • Where can I find studies of Reiki and what do you think about these studies?

Sessions can be conducted in person, online, or by phone.


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