Last Feb 2018, I participated in Reiki Level 1 class with Brian. What an amazing experience! His energy, passion, humor makes this class fun and light. Brian is also a great storyteller, you will be sitting at the edge of your seat! You can also just feel the energy as you walk into the space. It was a life changing experience, I can’t imagine my life not having gone through this training with Brian. I made the decision to take Reiki Level 2, 4 months after. Another unbelievable experience that went so much deeper. You can feel that Brian is holding space for you as level 2 can be a powerful experience. Another amazing perk are the Reiki Circles that are offered once a month. For you to practice on other students and receive treatment. Everyone is so open and welcoming! I almost never miss these monthly circles. You will always walk out feeling better 🙂 I’ve also had the lovely opportunity to work with Diane. She is such a genuine, warm, open person. And super intuitive. She’s helped me open my heart, in the biggest way I did not know was possible. I had a powerful session with her prior to my trip in Hawaii. Within the first few days of my trip, I met my now fiance 🙂 You won’t regret a session with Diane, don’t hesitate!

Jessica L., New York

Diane Domondon worked with me when I reached out one weekend. From the beginning, she explained what she was doing, kept checking in and then ended the session with an explanation of what she would do and what I could work on to continue the healing. I have made 3 more followup appointments and am basically where I wanted to be in under 3 weeks. I cannot give enough good feedback. I don’t know if doing a training is in my future but I never felt pushed or judged, which makes me that much more comfortable to continue treatments. It was only mentioned as a way for me to work on myself. There is so much she inherently understands/picks up… but puts in a way someone like myself can understand. I am forever grateful our paths met and hope this review conveys my deep gratitude.

Jess D., New York

“Diane first started treating me at end of 2016. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but was looking for alternative therapies to heal myself of cancer. The first time I did it, I was surprised by the sensations I felt with my body. As I continued treatments with her, there would be times I would feel emotions welling up and then releasing. And afterwards, I would feel lighter. When a set back happened, Diane visited me during my month’s stay in the hospital, both in person and energetically. Each time, I felt relief and slept better than I had in days. Diane’s energy and compassion are palpable, and she’s also highly intuitive. I’ve no doubt she was instrumental in helping me release old traumas and emotions. Contact her, and like me, you’ll be grateful you did!”

Consuelo A.

“Diane is a truly gifted healer. I’ve been receiving distance Reiki treatments from her for years to help me with both physical and mental well being. I have even asked her to send Reiki to my family, and the outcomes have always been amazing. When I am in NY, I make sure I carve out time to receive a hands on treatment from Diane. She is able to connect with me on a deep spiritual level, and has always been able to give me the healing guidance I need.”

Christina A., San Francisco, CA