In this video, the practitioner walks us through how she approaches dogs and cats with Reiki. It requires a gentle, open approach where one asks permission from the animal to accept the treatment and allows it to decide when it is completed. If the animal is too sensitive for hands-on treatment, allow your hands to hover very slightly above the fur. In some positions the animal will press themselves into your hands, and in others it will seem as if they cannot tolerate being touched. Allow the animal to feel comfortable and accept your energy; allow your hands to go where the energy is needed. Never force an animal to stay in one spot. They should never be tied off so their freedom of choice is taken away. All beings have the choice to accept Reiki or not.

Stay present and aware of the animal’s body language and eye movements throughout the treatment. Always work safely to avoid injury to you or the animal. When the treatment is complete, the animal will move away from you. This treatment can also be performed for birds, fish, rabbits and small creatures in cages by simply placing your hands around the cage and beaming the energy to the animal.

Category : Reiki and Pets