In Reiki Class, a Master-Instructor gives attunements to prepare students for the flow of healing energy.
We host monthly all-level Reiki circles for students to give and receive Reiki table treatments, as well as bi-monthly circles for Reiki II practitioners. Circles are restricted to students of NYC Reiki Center.


$300 Commitment: 16 hours, no prerequisite
In the Reiki Level 1 workshop, practitioners learn to treat themselves and others “hands-on” by using the standard patterns of hand placement. They learn scanning techniques, and gain experience in feeling energy and interpreting those feelings. (Four attunements over 2 days.)
  • Scan the body to perceive areas of reduced vitality
  • Apply Reiki energy to yourself and others, and sense the energy as it flows through your hands
  • See that attitudes can create dis-ease in the mind and affect the physical body

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$600 Commitment: 16 hours, prerequisite REIKI I
In the Reiki Level 2 workshop, practitioners learn to send energy to others at a distance. They also advance in their energy level, and learn to perform the mental treatment, which helps change negative patterns of thinking and behavior. (Two attunements over 2 days.)
  • Learn and use the Reiki symbols
  • Increase the channeling power during Reiki practice
  • Use Reiki to help with mental & emotional problems
  • Send Reiki for absent healing, gain the ability to help others from a distance

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$600 Commitment: 16 hours, prerequisite REIKI II  
For those seeking to deepen their relationship with the Reiki symbols. Learn additional applications of Reiki II practice. (2 attunements will be administered.)
  • Learn alternative uses of symbols in hands-on treatment
  • Send Reiki to events, situations, and spaces
  • Manifest your hopes and desires
  • Dialoguing – a technique to connect more deeply with clients that Hawayo Takata taught John Harvey Gray

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This six-month course is a hands-on training that integrates the system of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki with practical in-depth clinical training. Graduates of the 150 hour program will be thoroughly prepared for professional private practice. This program is for second degree Reiki students and Reiki Masters who feel a deep calling to expand their relationship with Reiki and build a professional Reiki practice. Serious candidates must have a regular self-treatment Reiki practice, be willing to participate in Reiki events during the six-month training, and have a commitment to personal growth in service to others.
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Commitment: 4 hours, no prerequisite
Learn techniques passed down from my Reiki Master John Harvey Gray and receive information he called “Emotionality in the Chakras,” a guide to understanding emotional states and conditions associated with strength or weakness in individual chakras.
  • Sensitize your hands and feel the energy
  • Use your hands to check for vitality in the aura
  • Learn to scan chakras & feel for strength or weakness
  • Interpret the emotions or conditions of each chakra
  • Perform a simple meditative visualization to help balance the chakras

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$75 Commitment: 3 hours, Reiki 1

In this 3-hour class, Reiki students will learn the Opening & Closing Spiral technique that was adapted to Reiki by my Master, John Harvey Gray. The Opening & Closing Spirals, developed by W. Brugh Joy M.D., and detailed in his book, Joy’s Way, is a technique John learned directly from Joy that, while not part of Takata’s Reiki teaching, enhances the Reiki treatment. Takata herself authorized John to use the technique and to teach it to students he trained.

  1. When performed before the Reiki treatment, the Opening Spiral allows the client’s subtle energy system to receive more Reiki, and
  2. When performed at the conclusion of the Reiki treatment, the Closing Spiral seals the client’s subtle energy system to extend the healing benefits for much longer after the Reiki session

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Commitment: 2-3 years, prerequisite REIKI II
These training programs are for professional practice only. Please contact Brian directly for more information
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Students of Reiki – those who have studied with us or with any other Master – often have questions that develop over time. If you have questions you want to explore more deeply, you may schedule an appointment. You can choose to talk with either Brian (Reiki Master-Instructor) or Diane (Reiki Master-Practitioner). We’re always here to help you continue your journey with Reiki.
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