Reiki practice is a lifestyle, and students of Reiki needn’t practice professionally or have a special table or office to reap the full benefits of Reiki. All that’s necessary is a commitment to the practice, and we hope these resources will help you invite and incorporate Reiki energy into your life.


Reiki is for yourself first! Don’t try to practice on others, if you don’t have a Reiki self-practice in place.

Reiki Meditation

Join Brian for a short 12-minute version of the Reiki Meditation that focuses on breathing the purifying light of Reiki through your whole body.

The Reiki Precepts

This practice given to us by Mikao Usui of daily contemplation and chanting. Learn more and practice with us.

Guided Practice of The Reiki Precepts

Join Brian Brunius in practicing the Reiki Precepts.

Chair Treatment

Reiki is easily practiced on a seated person – no table needed. Use Chair Reiki to treat family & friends or even volunteer at a hospital or senior home.

Holding a Reiki Circle

Create Reiki community by organizing a Reiki circle with fellow students and practitioners. Here are some tips to creating a successful Reiki Share.