Photo of Brian Brunius of New York City Reiki Center

Brian Brunius, Master & Instructor

Brian Brunius, founder of NYC Reiki Center, is a Reiki Master Instructor with more than 25 years of experience working with all types of clients. His unique style combines full-body listening and deep conversation at each 2-hour Reiki session with the powerful Reiki hands-on and mental treatments. The synergistic effect reaches deep into the source of discomfort, dislodging old feelings, memories, and beliefs, and provokes a physical and mental reaction that leaves clients feeling lighter, happier, and more fully themselves after a series of sessions.

A minimum of four full 2-hour sessions is required for those who wish to book an initial appointment with Brian.

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Racquel Borromeo, Reiki Master Practitioner

Racquel builds on her background as a professional pianist to deliver simple yet meticulous sessions, focusing on enabling what she believes is the essence of Reiki: Unconditional Love. She is complimented for the soothing and meditative nature of her sessions. Racquel is currently pursuing her Reiki teacher training under Brian Brunius.

Racquel also offers Virtual Reiki Treatments, which are as effective as in-person sessions for help on the physical, emotional, and mental levels.

Photo of Racqui Borromeo, Reiki Practitioner

Client Testimonials


Brian is an amazing Reiki healer. He has been giving me Reiki for the last year. The Reiki energy has improved my health and has assisted me in getting through emotional times in my life. I first received distance Reiki sessions during the loss of my mother. The Reiki he sent left me feeling unusually calm given the circumstances of a major loss. In addition, Brian has sent me Reiki through two surgeries and lung issues. I love the way I feel after I receive Reiki from Brian. After a year of Reiki my mind is mostly calm, my health improving, and my mental state positive.     ~ Christopher, San Francisco


I attended Brian’s Level I Reiki class, and I was blown away! I’ve been to other Reiki trainings. NO ONE has given the depth of knowledge that Brian gives. I walked away with an excellent working facility of the practice. He gives LOTS of hands-on practice in the class. You learn by DOING. Best training I’ve had since attending the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy. So HAPPY I decided to start over with Brian!     ~ Pamela, Jersey City


One of the most peaceful hours I’ve had in New York my whole life! Brian is calm and centered and brings you right there with him almost immediately. Truly a valuable experience!     ~ Fazila, New York


Please don’t be fooled by the hype. There are others out there called Reiki Masters, but Brian is the REAL deal. He brings genuine intuition and integrity to the traditional practice of Reiki. If you are looking for an authentic Reiki treatment or training in NYC, Brian is a phenomenal choice. I’ve worked one-on-one and in workshops with other energy and spiritual practitioners at top wellness destinations and institutions, and Brian clearly belongs among the elite group of professionals in his craft.       ~ Alison, New York