About Brian Brunius

Reiki Master and Founder of the NYC Reiki Center

Photo of Brian Brunius

Brian Brunius is a Reiki Master Instructor practicing and teaching Usui Shiki Ryoho, the Usui System of Natural healing, for more than 20 years.

Brian’s study of Reiki began in 1995 when he enrolled in the first degree course with his Master, John Harvey Gray. He consequently completed second degree training 1997 with John. In 2007, he founded NYC Reiki Center a full-time private practice when he committed to undertaking the Master training.

Since completing his three-year Master Apprenticeship in 2010, he has trained almost a thousand students across the country in traditional Reiki, and now teaches classes weekly at his Center. Brian has initiated two Master Instructors and, in addition to training his current Master Candidates in Usui Shiki Ryoho, he works with Masters from all traditions seeking to refine their instruction and Reiki practices.

Cover of Walk in Power, Live in Prayer by Brian Brunius

Brian is an active member of The Reiki Alliance, an international community of Reiki Masters dedicated to the practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho, having served as Global Organigram Coordinator and Northeast USA Local Representative. Brian is founder of Reiki Centers of America, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and understanding of Reiki.

Brian travels frequently sharing Reiki and speaking on his spiritual journey. He is the author of Walk in Power, Live in Prayer: Six Principles to Make Your Prayers Powerful (2014), a step-by-step guide introducing readers to a succession of new spiritual ideas, and leading them through a series of exercises designed to teach six principles of prayer.

In this 54-minute video from the Souljourns series on Vimeo, Brian discusses his 18-year connection with Indian holy man Sathya Sai Baba, who appeared to him in dreams and drew him to India to live and work. During this time, Brian’s interest in spirituality and healing gestated, as did his interest in service, resulting eventually in his decision to take up a full-time Reiki practice.

Client Testimonials

Thank you Brian for sending the Reiki healing to my daughter Estelle. I know that your loving light helped ease her fever pains and soothed her through her treatment of Lyme’s disease. I was so frightened for her health and knowing that you were on our team really made me feel like I was doing all I could for her.” ~Melissa K., Scranton, PA

Brian is an amazing Reiki healer. He has been giving me Reiki for the last year. The Reiki energy has improved my health and has assisted me in getting through emotional times in my life. I first received distance Reiki sessions during the loss of my mother. The Reiki he sent left me feeling unusually calm given the circumstances of a major loss. In addition, Brian has sent me Reiki through two surgeries and lung issues. I love the way I feel after I receive Reiki from Brian. After a year of Reiki my mind is mostly calm, my health improving, and my mental state positive.” ~Christopher T., San Francisco, CA

I discovered Reiki after suffering a serious health issue and it really helped my to relax and recover in an amazing way. The first time I saw Brian I was ready for my usual pleasant Reiki experience. Well I had the most profound healing and relaxing experience I have ever had and I have practiced yoga for years. The kind energy and mannerisms of Brian along with his very knowledgeable practice made for a brilliant Reiki session. I can’t wait to pay NYC Reiki Center another visit.” ~Andrew S., Los Angeles, CA