Full Reiki Session (2 hours) $290

Photo of a Reiki treatmentDeeply-healing, the two-hour treatment begins with a conversation creating an energetic bond with your Reiki practitioner — the basis of all healing. Goals are set as we glean information, and you’ll move, fully-clothed, to a massage table, where we’ll scan the aura and each chakra. Then, the hands-on Reiki treatment starts to replenishe life energy. Old traumas and emotions release, the energy field rebalances, and your true self shines again. Clients leave lighter, more relaxed and hopeful. More About In-Office Reiki Treatments

Please book four (4) full two-hour Reiki sessions for breakthrough healing. After the fourth session, you may choose the 1-hour sessions, if you do not have time for the longer session.

Tune-Up Reiki Session (1 hour) $190

Photo of a Reiki treatmentThis rebalancing, one-hour treatment is a quick tune-up for busy New Yorkers who have already had several longer Reiki treatments and don’t have time for a full session. It produces intense relaxation, a deep state of peace, and a better night’s sleep. There is no conversation in this short session; just jump up onto the table and let us lull you into another world with the soothing and balancing power of Universal Life Force energy.

Virtual Reiki Treatments

Photo of Reiki Master Brian Brunius sending Reiki through his hands to the viewer of the photoThis 60-minute Virtual Reiki Treatment begins with a private 15-minute Zoom or phone conversation, during which we will set goals for the session after discussing what’s going on physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then, you will lie down and receive the 45-minute Reiki treatment.