Reiki Treatments

Sessions are available daily at our office in Manhattan's Union Square.

Brian Brunius giving a Reiki treatment to a client

Setting Goals

Each session begins with a discussion between client and practitioner - both male and female practitioners are available. Together, they will assess the client's current state of body and mind, and set goals for the day's session. They will evaluate how effective their work has been so far, and make adjustments based on the client's needs and desires.

Proven Results of Reiki

  • Stress reduction and less frequent panic attacks
  • Decrease in anxiety, tension, and muscle stress
  • Relief from depression, loneliness, and sadness
  • Reduction of pain and discomfort
  • Rapid healing following surgery or injuries
  • Improved sleep for several nights after treatment
  • Diminished side effects of chemo and radiation

The Treatment

Treatments, which last up to two hours, are performed with the client completely clothed. The client lays on a comfortable, padded treatment table in a quiet, private room. Soothing music plays quietly, and the practitioner stands at the side of the table and delivers the Reiki treatment. Transferring the Universal Life Force through his hands, he will peacefully and quietly increase the client's vital energy, providing a boost to the body, and assisting it in improving the quality of the client's chakras, physical health, emotions, and patterns of thinking and emotions.

Brian Brunius giving a Reiki treatment to a client

The Effects

At the end of a session, many clients report an unusually peaceful and calm state of mind, as if they have been taking a long vacation that expanded their inner awareness and set them on a path of transformation and growth. Those who come in complaining of physical pain or discomfort can expect to leave the session feeling significant relief. Worry, fear, and anxiety usually melt away during the Reiki treatment. In most sessions we focus on five goals that help clients attain the balance they need for their total well-being.

  • Good health, improving each day
  • Courage in the face of change
  • Freedom from old patterns and beliefs
  • Creativity in designing a new life path
  • Spiritual growth and inquiry
Receiving Reiki, I felt like I was floating on still water, without a thought on my mind. I even fell asleep for an hour. The week after our first session was the first time I've slept peacefully since my daughter died last year." ~Amy M., Queens, NY

To make an appointment for private Reiki treatments with one of our available practitioners, please use the Online Appointment Tool or call Brian at (917) 573-4439. If you're not in the New York City area, you can request Distance Healing, and we will work with you and provide your Reiki treatments remotely.