Virtual Reiki Treatments allow you to experience the profound healing power of Reiki from the comfort of your own home. Our skilled practitioners offer a range of distance Reiki services designed to restore balance, alleviate pain, and support your overall well-being, no matter where you are in the world.

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Ultimate Healing Experience: A Transformative Full-Body Reiki Treatment

Indecisive about whether the Ultimate Healing Experience is right for you? This comprehensive Reiki treatment mirrors the in-person sessions at our NYC location, providing profound benefits from the comfort of your home. Ideal for addressing chronic conditions, this 45-minute treatment ensures deep, lasting healing. Our skilled practitioners will guide you through a personalized plan to target and alleviate your specific concerns.

Photo of a woman with knee pain who will be helped by Reiki treatment
Precision Pain Relief: Targeted Reiki for Specific Ailments

Unsure if our Precision Pain Relief Treatments are right for you? This targeted Reiki service is designed to address specific areas of pain or injury with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you’re dealing with a persistent ache or a recent injury, our skilled practitioners will help identify the root cause and provide focused relief.

Experience the benefits of a customized treatment plan that hones in on your unique needs, promoting faster healing and lasting relief. Don’t let pain hold you back. Discover the transformative power of Reiki and regain your comfort and mobility.

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Boundless Reiki: Energy Healing for Pets, Relationships, Places, Situations, and More

Experience the limitless potential of Distance Reiki with our specialized 5-day treatment tailored for pets, relationships, situations, and spaces such as home or office. Whether it’s providing comfort to a beloved pet, harmonizing a challenging relationship, or cleansing the energy of a particular space, our practitioners are ready to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes.

How It Works:
• Personalized Consultation: Begin with a consultation to discuss your unique needs and goals.
Flexible and Convenient: Enjoy the benefits of Reiki from the comfort of your home, with sessions that fit seamlessly into your schedule.
• Comprehensive Coverage: Our treatment plan spans five days, ensuring sustained and profound impact.

• Pets: Ease pain and discomfort, support recovery from illness or surgery, or provide comfort during transitions.
• Relationships: Resolve conflicts, enhance communication, and strengthen bonds.
• Situations: Infuse challenging situations with positive energy to promote better outcomes.
• Spaces: Clear negative energy from homes or workspaces, fostering a harmonious and productive environment.

Discover the transformative power of Reiki and see how it can bring balance, healing, and peace to every aspect of your life.

Photo of a woman preparing green juice for her cleansing detox.
Detox Treatment for Mind, Body, and Energy Cleansing

Elevate your detox regimen with our Gedoku Chiryo-Ho Detox Technique, a powerful Japanese Reiki treatment designed for serious individuals committed to holistic cleansing. This unique approach supports mental, physical, and energetic detoxification, helping you release stagnant energy, reduce stress, and restore balance. Ideal for those undergoing or planning a cleanse, this treatment enhances your body’s natural healing processes and promotes overall well-being, ensuring a comprehensive and transformative detox experience.

Rejuvenate your body and mind, and experience the profound benefits of Gedoku Chiryo-Ho as you embark on your detox journey.

Virtual Transformation (2 hour) $475 with Brian Brunius

Photo of Brian Brunius talking on Zoom to a client and delivering a Virtual Reiki TreatmentThis two-hour Virtual Transformation begins with a private 15-minute Zoom conversation, during which we will set goals for the session after discussing what’s going on physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then, you will lie down with the camera turned on or off and relax. We will remain in communication during the session in case things come up that need to be addressed. During the session, I will use all the tools I have to find the source of your problems and address the cause. Many clients report deep transformation as a result of this treatment. When the session is done, you will awaken to the gentle sound of a bell and we will come back together on video to review what happened during the session and if there are any instructions for your aftercare.

“Thank you, Brian, for sending the Reiki healing to my daughter Estelle. I know that your loving light helped ease her fever pains and soothed her through her treatment of Lyme disease. I was so frightened for her health and knowing that you were on our team really made me feel like I was doing all I could for her.”

~ Melissa K., Scranton, PA

“Brian is an amazing teacher and healer. He takes his time during Reiki sessions to understand his client and assist them in what first brought them to Reiki. After I had learned about Reiki from a friend, I searched for Reiki masters in NYC and happened upon Brian’s studio – I feel fortunate enough to be both a client and a student almost two years after my first Reiki class on 12/12/12. Brian’s guidance has helped bring tremendous healing and new experiences into my world.”

~ Stephanie G., New York, NY