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2024 Reiki Pilgrimage Tour

Our ongoing Japan Reiki pilgrimages will start in Tokyo this time, where we will visit the cemetery with the memorial stone of Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui. Then we will visit power spots within the Meiji Jingu, and learn about the influence of the Meiji Emperor on the philosophy and practice of Usui Reiki Ryoho. And we will visit the site of Chujiro Hayashi’s Reiki hospital, where Hawayo Takata went to receive Reiki treatments in 1932 and where she learned Reiki from her teacher.

Riding the bullet train to Kyoto, we will stay for two nights in a ryokan, a traditional Japanese hotel, and eat traditional meals. We will visit Gion, the most famous Geisha district in Kyoto, and experience the traditional tea ceremony. Each Monday night of the trip, we will join Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei’s Reiki Circle, and share Reiki with practitioners from around the world. We will visit Mount Kurama for three days of the tour. One of those days we will be guided by a famous Japanese Reiki Master, who will explain the history and context of the place where Mikao Usui received satori, or enlightenment, and how the special energies of Mount Kurama influence our Reiki practice even today. Through tours of other temples and another sacred mountain, Hieizon, we will explore life as Mikao Usui might have known it in Japan, and we will see how his spiritual studies and religious affiliations are reflected in our modern Reiki practice.

The focus of this tour will be Reiki and spirituality. Attendees will exchange daily Reiki treatments, and we will be performing the Reiki meditation each day of the tour, especially during our days on Mount Kurama.

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