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Reiki History Tour

  • Accompanied by Reiki guide & translator Yoshie Hara and Reiki Master Christopher Tellez of the San Francisco Reiki Center, we’ll start in Kyoto on May 15th to connect to the spirit of Japan and learn some historical context for the times in which Mikao Usui lived.
  • Then we’ll take a day trip to Tokyo where we will be joined by the foremost historian of Reiki, Dr. Justin Stein, for a tour of Usui’s memorial and family grave, and other important sites of the Meiji era that were influential to Usui.
  • That night we’ll return to Kurama with Dr. Stein, and the next day he will lead us on a tour of Mount Kurama, the birthplace of Reiki. Dr. Stein will explain the historical and religious significance of the mountain at Usui’s time, and give deep insight to the practices performed there and the deities worshiped there.
  • We will climb Mount Kurama daily and visit the sacred spots Usui Sensei would have experienced as he ascended the mountain for the fateful 21-day fast and meditation that led him to Reiki.
  • We will also descend the mountain to Kibune, one of the most beautifully scenic riverside towns in Japan.
  • Yoshie will lead us for two more days of tours around Kyoto to get the historical view of Japan and to experience the culture, both ancient and modern.
  • Finally, on the last full day of the trip we will climb Mount Kurama one last time, and at 2 pm join the Circle of Oneness in front of the Kurama-dera temple, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Usui Sensei’s encounter with Reiki.

To ensure an intimate and fully interactive experience, this tour is limited to 14 travelers, and all should have been initiated into the first level of Reiki before the tour begins.