A Reiki Clinic and School for NYC

Founded in 2007, NYC Reiki Center offers private Reiki treatments from experienced and caring practitioners, as well as Reiki classes covering all levels of training from the first and second degree to six-month Certified Reiki Practitioner and three-year Reiki Master Instructor training.

We are guided by a four-point mission that includes personal healing through hands-on Reiki treatment, growth within community and service to humanity through advanced Reiki treatments, leading eventually to unity consciousness as Reiki practice develops at more spiritual levels.

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6 Reasons to Choose NYC Reiki Center

In practice for 30 years, we have the experience to help you.

30 Years of Practice

NYC Reiki Center’s instructors and practitioners offer a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge, nearly three decades of ongoing study, and a dedicated daily practice of giving Reiki to our students, clients and ourselves.

A Direct Lineage

Reiki is passed from hand to hand from an initiating Master. Brian Brunius studied Usui Shiki Ryoho with John Harvey Gray, who was the longest practicing Reiki Master in the West and one of the earliest Masters initiated by Hawayo Takata.
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We Practice What We Teach

At NYC Reiki Center, we believe the practice of Reiki is our greatest teacher, and we could not teach our students what we do not use daily on ourselves and others. This is why we are a full-time private practice and school.
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Our Ongoing Commitment

Our commitment exceeds a two-hour session or 16-hour class through post-treatment check-ins with clientele and continuing education classes, events, and circles for students. As much as you want Reiki in your life, we will support you.

The Highest Standards

From the sheets and table you’ll lie on to the follow-up conversation we’ll have after your session to assuring your utmost privacy and confidentiality in treatment, we will serve you with the highest professional standards available.

Students & Clients Agree

We’re grateful for the kind words from our students and clients, and hope their experiences will help you decide if NYC Reiki Center where you should start, or continue, your Reiki journey to better understand yourself and heal.


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