Certified Reiki Practitioner Training Program

July 9, 2022 to January 31, 2023

The 2022 Course is now Open for registration

The Certified Reiki Practitioner Training Program, offered on the West coast by San Francisco Reiki Center (SFRC), and on the East coast by New York City Reiki Center (NYCRC), is a program accredited by Reiki Centers of America, a non-profit organization that is committed to preserving the original teachings of Reiki, including those Reiki Master John Harvey Gray received from Hawayo Takata in the 1970s, and to training and supporting new and aspiring Reiki professionals in building successful private practices and healthy Reiki communities across North America.

Photo of 2021 Certified Reki Practitioner graduates with Brian Brunius, NYC Reiki Center

This six-month course is a hands-on training that integrates the system of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki with practical in-depth clinical training from the John Harvey Gray lineage. Graduates of the program will be prepared for professional private practice, be well-trained to work with the SFRC/NYCRC Reiki Teams on either the East or West coast if they wish to, and become eligible to apply to a Reiki Master apprenticeship. Hours accrued during this program will be deducted from the 2,000 hour requirement of the Reiki Master apprenticeship.

This program is for second degree Reiki students and Reiki Masters who feel a deep calling to expand their relationship with Reiki and build a professional Reiki practice. Serious candidates must have a regular self-treatment Reiki practice, be willing to participate in SFRC/NYCRC Reiki events during the six-month training, and have a commitment to personal growth in service to others.

Course Details

Time Commitment

Approximately 25 hours per month for six months


This six-month training program is intended for second degree Reiki students and Masters to deepen their experience with Reiki as a professional healing practice.

  • In a monthly 6-hour class, students will review and learn new skills as professional Reiki practitioners. (Saturday or Sunday, once per month, 10am-5pm with 1-2pm lunch break)
  • In six monthly sessions of about 2.5 hours each, students will have supervised group discussions to ask questions, share experiences, get guidance on establishing and growing a successful Reiki business, elaborate on Reiki tools and techniques, and explore Reiki as a spiritual discipline. (One weeknight per month)
  • Students will see and document 50 hours of clients one-on-one in private sessions.
  • Students will practice 50 hours of group Reiki treatments in the form of Reiki Circles, clinics, exchanges with other students, or volunteer opportunities.
  • Students will have the opportunity to observe 2 full treatments from start to finish in a professional Reiki office with real clients. (Scheduled as available)
  • Each student will give and receive long-form absent treatment and hands-on treatments with a partner from the class, ensuring support during the program. The hours spent doing this will be counted toward the 50-hour requirement.
  • Student will self-treat daily for the 6-month program.
  • At the end of the program, students will perform a full professional Reiki treatment on a partner of their choice and be observed by the instructor who will give feedback and comments on their performance and professionalism.

In-Person Course Fee

$3,000 for the full six-month/175-hour training

Online Course Fee

$2,000 for the full six-month/175-hour training

Class Size

Six spaces are available for in-person students in this small group class.


The awarding of certificates, group photos, and a graduation party will be held at the end of the course in New York City.

How to Apply

Interested applicants for 2022 should email info@nycreikicenter.com to express their interest and schedule a telephone conversation to discuss the Certified Reiki Practitioner Training program.


Course Outline


Saturday or Sunday: The Full John Harvey Gray Reiki Treatment – A Review (6 hours)

Weeknight: Supervised Group Discussion (2.5 hours)


Saturday or Sunday: Client interview, Intake notes & creating Mental Treatments (6 hours)

Weeknight:Supervised Group Discussion (2.5 hours)


Saturday or Sunday: Treating Serious Health Conditions (6 hours)

Weeknight: Supervised Group Discussion (2.5 hours)


Saturday or Sunday: Professional Appearance and Tools (6 hours)

Weeknight: Supervised Group Discussion (2.5 hours)


Saturday or Sunday: Best Business Practices (6 hours)

Weeknight:Supervised Group Discussion (2.5 hours)


Saturday or Sunday: The Symbols and Spiritual Development (6 hours)

Weeknight:Supervised Group Discussion (2.5 hours)