Standard Reiki Treatments

Deep Healing Reiki Teatment (3 hours) $525  •  with Brian Brunius $625

Photo of a three-hour Deep Healing Reiki treatment by Brian BruniusThis three-hour session incorporates a full Reiki treatment with time added to support specific needs and desired shifts. With ample time for deeper conversation and goal setting, the added hour accommodates additional and extended spot treatment, deep emotional release, and freedom from longstanding patterns. Clients may choose three-hour treatments in times of profound transition, deep crisis, or simply to extend the deep relaxation and healing of our traditional full treatment.  More About In-Office Reiki Treatments

Full Body Reiki Treatment (2 hours) $375  •  with Brian Brunius $475

Photo of a two-hour Full Body Reiki Treatment by Brian BruniusDeeply-healing, the two-hour treatment begins with a conversation creating an energetic bond with your Reiki practitioner — the basis of all healing. Goals are set as we glean information, and you’ll move, fully-clothed, to a massage table, where we’ll scan the aura and each chakra. Then, the hands-on Reiki treatment starts to replenish life energy. Old traumas and emotions release, the energy field rebalances, and your true self shines again. Clients leave lighter, more relaxed and hopeful. More About In-Office Reiki Treatments

Tune-Up Reiki Treatment (1 hour) $225  •  with Brian Brunius $325

Photo of a one-hour Touch-Up Reiki Treatment by Racquel Borromeo at the NYC Reiki CenterThis rebalancing, one-hour treatment is a quick tune-up for busy New Yorkers who have already had several longer Reiki treatments and don’t have time for a full session. It produces intense relaxation, a deep state of peace, and a better night’s sleep. There is no conversation in this short session; just jump up onto the table and let us lull you into another world with the soothing and balancing power of Universal Life Force energy.

Specialized Reiki Treatments

Breakthrough Reiki Treatment (4 hours) $675  •  $775 with Brian Brunius

Photo of a four-hour soul cleansing Reiki treatment by Brian BruniusIn addition to the traditional Reiki methods used in all our treatments, in the four-hour session we employ advanced Reiki techniques to communicate with your higher self. We investigate the true source of your problems, and seek instructions on what we can safely do to remove their cause. At the end of the treatment we convey messages or information we received. This session is often booked by those who have seen a variety of other professionals for testing and treatment, but who have been unable to resolve their problems with traditional treatments. (NOTE: booking the four-hour session constitutes permission for us to use these techniques, and permission for us to follow the instructions we receive.)  More About In-Office Reiki Treatments

Four-Day Reiki Intensive (four 2-hour sessions ) $375 each  • with Gleitia Dushku

Photo of Reiki Master Simon Light giving a Reiki treatment to a client at the NYC Reiki Center

When you commit to receiving Reiki on four consecutive days, the effect is deeper and more powerful than that of four individual treatments spread out over time. The Four-Day Reiki Intensive has the strength to help you break through whatever issues you are dealing with, but it’s also incredibly gentle and caring in nature. Book a two-hour Reiki treatment with Gleitia to get started.  Read about one practitioner’s experiences with four-day treatments.