Photo of Diane Domondon on Mount Kurama with the roots of the Osugi Gongen visible behind her

Finding My Roots in Reiki: The Master Project in My Reiki Teacher Training

In our initiating lineage, Master training requires the execution of a project that explores a question that arises within ourselves about Reiki. The idea of a Master project was daunting and, frankly, irksome in the light of 2,000 recorded hours of Reiki practice and 12 weekends devoted to auditing and…

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Photo of Brian Brunius teaching a student in the Certified Reiki Practitioner training program at NYC Reiki Center.

Introducing the Certified Reiki Practitioner Training Program

This past weekend, the NYC Reiki Center launched our first Certified Reiki Practitioner training program for second-degree students seriously considering establishing a Reiki business, and for those seeking guidance and mentoring in their professional practice. I’m excited to see these students develop into highest-standard Reiki professionals and find their own…

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