Learn the Reiki Precepts with Brian Brunius

The Reiki Precepts as written by Mikao Usui

The Spiritual Precepts of Reiki – or Gokai – are ubiquitous in Reiki classes and websites and often thought of as words that Reiki Masters and practitioners live by. But, as much as they are an outline to Reiki lifestyle, they are first and foremost an active Reiki practice. The Five Precepts of Reiki are a means of centering and grounding, a method of self-evaluation and an offer of guidance.

The first lines are a promise from Usui to his students about the practice of the Precepts.

The secret way to generate happiness
The miracle medicine for all that ails you

And then Usui gives the words of the Precepts that students should contemplate and recite.

Just for today
don’t be angry
don’t worry
be grateful
work diligently
be kind to people

And then Usui gives two lines of instruction as to how this practice should be done.

Morning and evening put your palms together.
Contemplate these words in your heart and then recite them.
He names his practice the Usui Reiki Ryoho method to improve body and mind
and it’s signed by the founder Usui Mikao

Watch Reiki teacher Brian Brunius on the origin, practice and implementation of the Reiki Precepts:

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