Brian Brunius founded NYC Reiki Center in 2007. He offers private treatments as well as Reiki classes in the tradition of Usui Shiki Ryoho in New York City.

A Century of Reiki: A five part Webinar series hosted by Dr. Justin Stein

NEW Reiki History Webinar Series

A Century of Reiki with Dr. Justin Stein A five-part Zoom series following Reiki’s journey from Japanese therapy to global practice.   Announcing a groundbreaking 5-hour Webinar series with renowned Reiki scholar Justin Stein, PhD., who will cover the history of Reiki from Usui’s time through Hawayo Takata’s teaching tours of the United States and…

Photo of Brian Brunius presenting Diane Domondon her Reiki Master Certificate, May 10, 2019 on Mount Kurama, Japan

A New NYC Reiki Master

On May 10, 2019, Diane Domondon of Queens, New York, was initiated by Brian Brunius as a Reiki Master. Diane was in Reiki training for more than four years and underwent several years of Master preparation before her Master initiation. Her training culminated during a sacred pilgrimage to the historic Reiki sites of Japan, led…