Photo of Diane Domondon on Mount Kurama with the roots of the Osugi Gongen visible behind her

Finding My Roots in Reiki: The Master Project in My Reiki Teacher Training

In our initiating lineage, Master training requires the execution of a project that explores a question that arises within ourselves about Reiki. The idea of a Master project was daunting and, frankly, irksome in the light of 2,000 recorded hours of Reiki practice and 12 weekends devoted to auditing and co-teaching classes, also required of…

Footbridge on Mount Kurama, Kyoto, Japan

Japan Spring 2019

A Pilgrimage to Japan for SF Reiki Center & NYC Reiki Center Students – May 6-14, 2019. We’ll start in Kyoto on May 6th to connect to the spirit of Japan, spend time on and around Mt. Kurama with time & space to exchange Reiki, take a tour of Usui Sensei’s birth town Taniai, and finish with a mindful visit to the Usui memorial and other sites in Tokyo.