Designed for all levels of Reiki students, this workshop is an introduction to Hatsurei-ho – a focusing and meditation method Mikao Usui taught his Reiki students to help them strengthen and develop the flow of Reiki within themselves. We will also practice Jyoshin Kokyu-ho, the purification breathing method. In this class, you will learn this simple practice that takes perhaps ten minutes per day, and we will practice it together. After attending the workshop, it will be the responsibility of each student to add this method to their daily Reiki self treatment…

The human body and mind know how to balance themselves – but we must create the right conditions for that to happen. In this short workshop, you will learn the Reiki meditation method taught by Usui that can powerfully help to balance your mind and open your body to an immense flow of healing Reiki energy. Entering into this state is the best way you can help others in your own Reiki treatments as well. It allows us to encounter other people and their suffering from the primordially pure state of awareness free from duality, during which vast amounts of Reiki flow through us for the highest good of those we are treating. This technique is so simple anyone can do it. In the beginning, students might practice it for three to five minutes per day. Those who start to feel the powerful changes that can be produced by this method may choose to extend their Reiki meditation practice to 10 or 15 minutes.

In this workshop, I will teach the technique for approximately 10 minutes, and then we will practice together as a group for about 40 minutes. This will be followed by a 10 minute Q&A session.

This class is offered online by Zoom. Students will receive the class handouts by email shortly before the workshop begins.

By the end of this Reiki Meditation Class you will be able to:

  • Practice the full technique of Hatsurei-ho
  • Feel the increased flow of Reiki energy to your tanden, below the navel.
  • Experience deeper peace and mental stillness than you did before.
  • Have a daily practice that will bring you strength and clarity for life.

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