We say in every first degree class, “Reiki flows through lineage.” Literally, we connect to the energy through the teachers before us. We accomplish this by teaching and initiating our students precisely as Brian was taught by his teachers, and as Brian teaches all of his Master students, including me. Face to face, hand to hand, in-person between teacher to student.

Photo of Reiki Grandmaster Phyllis Lei Furumoto and her wife Joyce Winough

Photo of Reiki Grandmaster Phyllis Lei Furumoto and her wife Joyce Winough in Hawaii in 2016.

In November 2018, we hosted Phyllis Lei Furumoto, lineage bearer of our practice Usui Shiki Ryoho and granddaughter of Hawayo Takata, in her final public teachings before her transition in March 2019. Brian thought several years ago to invite her, as every time he sat with her he felt his connection to Reiki expand, and he wanted to offer this rare opportunity to his students. She is not in our initiating lineage, but Phyllis came to New York City and generously made herself available to teach our students and connect us to Reiki.

As her 71st birthday approached last week, August 22, Phyllis presented herself more and more in our memories, thoughts, and even mystically, like Phyllis herself, through Brian’s and my respective dreams. We tried to think of ways to commemorate her in our community, but all ideas felt flat in celebrating our vibrant leader until the right path emerged.

Photo of the Kapaa-Kealia Cemetery on Kauai where Phyllis Lei Furumoto's ashes will be interred on November 24, 2019

Phyllis Lei Furumoto’s ashes will be interred on November 24, 2019 at the Kapaa-Kealia Cemetery on Kauai. Hawaii.

In late November, Brian and I will close the Center and travel to Kauai, Hawaii to be with Phyllis’ wife Joyce Winough, her chosen successor Johannes Reindl, and Reiki Masters and students from all over the world. We’ll gather to celebrate her life, affirm her place in our lineage and teaching, and for the inurnment of Phyllis’ ashes in the Kapaa-Kealia Cemetery on Kauai.

Her wife Joyce is struggling with the countless expenses related to Phyllis’ transition, cremation, and memorial. Some people have made donations to assist.

Many of you met Joyce at the events last Fall. If you feel called, please consider a donation to help offset the cost of the burial and memorial service via Paypal to Joyce’s account: jwinoughrm@gmail.com. Please make note of your connection to Reiki at NYC Reiki Center and join us in gratitude for Phyllis’ life and work.

~ Diane Domondon, Reiki Master Instructor
NYC Reiki Center