I’ve been interested in energy work for some time now and it took a while for me to find the person to give me my first reiki treatment. I absolutely LOVE Brian. He is so personable and so genuine and that means a lot to me. As for me being a skeptic of reiki itself….turns out its real. You can FEEL the energy. I enjoyed my session with Brian so much I’ve already signed up for the my first reiki COURSE. Whoop whoop!

Kerrie, New York

Brian is the Reiki Master I’ve been looking for! As a Reiki practitioner with my own business, I had already received my Level I & II attunements from other teachers; however, I recently repeated my Level I with Brian through his partnership with SF Reiki Center and am so glad I did! His training provided an incredibly helpful solid, practical foundation in traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. As a teacher, Brian is engaging, thorough, warm, and intuitive about each student’s needs, and he’s just a lovely person as well! I can’t wait to repeat my Level II attunement with him!

Sarah, Monterey

Brian is an amazing healer, master, and teacher. His calming benevolent presence makes you feel at ease whence you enter his office, and he’s always sure to greet you with a welcoming, loving smile. I’ve only had one private session with Brian (which was incredible) and it convinced me of the power of Reiki and I quickly signed up for his Reiki Lv 1 course. I’ve been practicing for about a half a year now and can’t wait to sign up for his Lv 2. I recommend Brian to everyone who’s interested in alternative methods of healing, and anyone who wants to expand their mind, heart, and consciousness. It’s done wonders for me, and I’m sure it’ll do wonders for you. Brian is an extraordinary person, who offers an extraordinary service, plain and simple.

Kevin, Queens

Brian is an amazing teacher and healer. He takes his time during Reiki sessions to understand his client and assist them in what first brought them to Reiki. After I had learned about Reiki from a friend, I searched for Reiki masters in NYC and happened upon Brian’s studio – I feel fortunate enough to be both a client and a student almost two years after my first Reiki class. Brian’s guidance has helped bring tremendous healing and new experiences into my world. Both my family and friends have been referred to NYC Reiki Center and hope this review will serve to recommend others.

Stephanie, New Haven

My reiki session with Brian was really incredible. Halfway through the session I felt unbelievably relaxed even though I was going through an extremely stressful situation in my life. I was also recovering from a very toxic relationship and seemed to feel like a burden from that situation had been lifted after the session. If you are having trouble getting over any situation that may be spiritually or physically difficult, or if you just want some advice of a really gifted and spiritually in-touch healer, then you should try a Reiki session with Brian. I don’t think every Reiki healer is good enough to give a try, but Brian is probably the best one in the New York area.

Gia, New York

Brian is the real deal. In a field that is unregulated and can sometimes be hocus-pocus-ey, he is truly a veteran expert who brings to bear decades of training and experience. He can pin-point the problem areas in my life, and applies an extra dose of healing energy to help me move forward. I would trust Brian to help me fix any problem in my life.

Sam S., New York

As a healthcare professional, I decided to study Reiki after having a remarkable experience with it in Costa Rica. Lucky for me, Brian was teaching when I signed up for Level 1 at the San Francisco Reiki Center! He is accessible to all his students and will guide you however far you want to take your practice. When I was ready for Level 2, I knew I had to study with him again, and I booked a flight from San Francisco to New York to make that class, heading straight to his warm, welcoming office from the airport! My only regret is not living closer to attend the circles he hosts for students! Sign up!

Chris, San Francisco

I recently completed level 1 training with Brian at NYC Reiki Center. The experience was nothing short of a life changing event. If only words could express the deep sense of gratitude I have for Brian as a teacher. He is extremely personable, cheerful and has an aura of positivity and calmness around him. His connectivity with my thoughts and his suggestions on using Reiki to deal with my struggles has proved a complete blessing for me and my family. I am truly indebted to Brian to offer such a new perspective to life and health. I am sure to come back to finish level 2 with him in Fall.

Manas, Queens

I absolutely enjoyed learning Reiki level 1. I went for it with no expectation and I was happy to feel my energy shifting during Reiki. Brian is kind, open and generous. He gave us a lot of information and advice. Another student was a sweetheart and I really appreciate the universe brought all of us together. Brian’s office felt like home, cozy, calm, relaxing. The experience was more then I expected, makes me question life and beliefs. Thank you for that.

Ruta, New York

I completed Level 1 and 2 Reiki with Brian a couple years ago in San Francisco, as well as received personal Reiki treatments. I felt at home and safe with Brian as my teacher. He’s a gifted and supportive teacher – while teaching traditional hand positions and passing along the oral tradition of Reiki, he also encourages intuition and your own unique gifts that you bring to Reiki. Since completing Level 2, he’s continued to be a gentle guide and mentor; someone I go to for support. I highly recommend Brian as a teacher and Reiki Master.

Brittney, San Francisco