Brian Brunius is the real deal. He exudes a peaceful calm, he is literally on a different level. He has such a lovely way of speaking and imparting the story of reiki. I could listen to him for hours. I have had treatments with Brian as well as completing various trainings with him. Brian’s amazing energy and hilarious sense of humor will endear him to you immediately. The techniques he has taught me have quite literally changed my life. If you are curious about reiki, treat yourself to a session with Brian and if you are interested in training in reiki, this is absolutely your man. He is authentic, empathic and a true healer. I would give him 10,000 stars if it were available. Truly, an amazing human being.

Kerry F., Dix Hills, NY

Last Feb 2018, I participated in Reiki Level 1 class with Brian. What an amazing experience! His energy, passion, humor makes this class fun and light. Brian is also a great storyteller, you will be sitting at the edge of your seat! You can also just feel the energy as you walk into the space. It was a life changing experience, I can’t imagine my life not having gone through this training with Brian. I made the decision to take Reiki Level 2, 4 months after. Another unbelievable experience that went so much deeper. You can feel that Brian is holding space for you as level 2 can be a powerful experience. Another amazing perk are the Reiki Circles that are offered once a month. For you to practice on other students and receive treatment. Everyone is so open and welcoming! I almost never miss these monthly circles. You will always walk out feeling better 🙂 I’ve also had the lovely opportunity to work with Diane. She is such a genuine, warm, open person. And super intuitive. She’s helped me open my heart, in the biggest way I did not know was possible. I had a powerful session with her prior to my trip in Hawaii. Within the first few days of my trip, I met my now fiance 🙂 You won’t regret a session with Diane, don’t hesitate!

Jessica L., New York

Diane Domondon worked with me when I reached out one weekend. From the beginning, she explained what she was doing, kept checking in and then ended the session with an explanation of what she would do and what I could work on to continue the healing. I have made 3 more followup appointments and am basically where I wanted to be in under 3 weeks. I cannot give enough good feedback. I don’t know if doing a training is in my future but I never felt pushed or judged, which makes me that much more comfortable to continue treatments. It was only mentioned as a way for me to work on myself. There is so much she inherently understands/picks up… but puts in a way someone like myself can understand. I am forever grateful our paths met and hope this review conveys my deep gratitude.

Jess D., New York

During this most difficult time of my life, the only thing that saved me from going crazy was my weekly sessions with Brian.

– Donna, New York, NY

Donna, New York

I couldn’t have done it without all the help and support I received from Reiki! A million thanks for getting me through a tough transition.

Giovanni, Queens

Though you probably wouldn’t remember me from the four sessions we had years ago, the things you told me sent me in a new direction and have completely changed my life. No one person has ever had such an incredible impact on me. I am forever grateful!


Thank you, Brian, for your incredible and loving style. Every time I come for a session I am anxious and racing. By the end I am restored to peace and serenity. It’s some kind of magic you use on me that lets me sleep and feel easy again. And it works EVERY time! Eternal thanks.

Roma, Saratoga Springs

I don’t have enough good things to say about Reiki. I’m just glad more people don’t know about it. I feel like the Reiki center is my secret library, and when I’m there it’s mine and no one and nothing can disturb my happiness. Thanks to Brian and all the students at the Reiki Circle for treating me and helping me sleep again. It really worked!

Maxim, Brooklyn

One of the most peaceful hours I’ve had in New York my whole life! Brian is calm and centered and brings you right there with him almost immediately. Truly a valuable experience!

Fazila, New York

Please don’t be fooled by the hype. There are others out there called Reiki Masters, but Brian is the REAL deal. He brings genuine intuition and integrity to the traditional practice of Reiki. If you are looking for an authentic Reiki treatment or training in NYC, Brian is a phenomenal choice. I’ve worked one-on-one and in workshops with other energy and spiritual practitioners at top wellness destinations and institutions, and Brian clearly belongs among the elite group of professionals in his craft.

Alison, New York