I took Reiki Level 1 with Brian. I appreciated that he taught Usui Shiki Ryoho, which I interpreted as the fundamentals of Reiki (there’s a lot of new stuff out there, but this is more based on tradition and the foundational principles). Brian’s also a warm, funny presence who immediately spotted that I was Type-A. Before we started the practical, he smiled and said, “I know you want it to be perfect — it’s okay, it’s simpler than you think.” He was a calming presence and it was nice that he was more hands-off, except to suggest hand positions that he tries to stay comfortable. Reiki really is something that runs through us all, and something that isn’t so complicated as we think. Brian’s also a great storyteller! A lot of learning Reiki is learning about the lineage, and you will really enjoy this part.

Mona, Manhattan

I took the Reiki Level 1 class with Brian Brunius. It was a great experience! I walked in a little skeptical about Reiki and walked out understanding and appreciating it so much more. If you are in NYC, there is no reason you should not do this course. Do not fall for the short courses and quick fixes. Do the real deal. The reasons are primarily around the instructor and the structure of the course.

Vidushi, New York

Participating in Brian’s workshop was life changing. Brian’s way of teaching and storytelling made me want to make Reiki a part of my present and future and I highly recommend taking this journey with Brian. Thank you Brian for your wisdom and generosity. I’ll never forget you. I’ve put my Reiki skills to good use. Aloha from Hawaii.

Helen, Hawaii

I attended Brian’s Level I Reiki class, and I was blown away! I’ve been to other Reiki trainings. NO ONE has given the depth of knowledge that Brian gives. I walked away with an excellent working facility of the practice. He gives LOTS of hands-on practice in the class. You learn by DOING. Best training I’ve had since attending the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy. So HAPPY I decided to start over with Brian!

Pamela, Jersey City

“Brian is an amazing Reiki healer. He has been giving me Reiki for the last year. The Reiki energy has improved my health and has assisted me in getting through emotional times in my life. I first received distance Reiki sessions during the loss of my mother. The Reiki he sent left me feeling unusually calm given the circumstances of a major loss. In addition, Brian has sent me Reiki through two surgeries and lung issues. I love the way I feel after I receive Reiki from Brian. After a year of Reiki my mind is mostly calm, my health improving, and my mental state positive.”

Christopher T., San Francisco, CA

“I discovered Reiki after suffering a serious health issue and it really helped my to relax and recover in an amazing way. The first time I saw Brian I was ready for my usual pleasant Reiki experience. Well I had the most profound healing and relaxing experience I have ever had and I have practiced yoga for years. The kind energy and mannerisms of Brian along with his very knowledgeable practice made for a brilliant Reiki session. I can’t wait to pay NYC Reiki Center another visit.”

Andrew S., Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you Brian for sending the Reiki healing to my daughter Estelle. I know that your loving light helped ease her fever pains and soothed her through her treatment of Lyme’s disease. I was so frightened for her health and knowing that you were on our team really made me feel like I was doing all I could for her.”

Melissa K., Scranton, PA

“Diane first started treating me at end of 2016. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but was looking for alternative therapies to heal myself of cancer. The first time I did it, I was surprised by the sensations I felt with my body. As I continued treatments with her, there would be times I would feel emotions welling up and then releasing. And afterwards, I would feel lighter. When a set back happened, Diane visited me during my month’s stay in the hospital, both in person and energetically. Each time, I felt relief and slept better than I had in days. Diane’s energy and compassion are palpable, and she’s also highly intuitive. I’ve no doubt she was instrumental in helping me release old traumas and emotions. Contact her, and like me, you’ll be grateful you did!”

Consuelo A.

“During that period of my life, Reiki sessions with Brian were the only thing that brought me relief, and I will always be grateful to him for that. Brian is a gifted healer. I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with emotional or physical distress or anyone who wants to work on opening their heart more.”

Yosra S., Queens, NY

“Diane is a truly gifted healer. I’ve been receiving distance Reiki treatments from her for years to help me with both physical and mental well being. I have even asked her to send Reiki to my family, and the outcomes have always been amazing. When I am in NY, I make sure I carve out time to receive a hands on treatment from Diane. She is able to connect with me on a deep spiritual level, and has always been able to give me the healing guidance I need.”

Christina A., San Francisco, CA