In this ongoing series of experiential 3-hour gatherings, you will embody your Reiki in new ways that expand your current awareness and understanding of the power that has always been inside of you.

In every level 1 class, I tell the students that Reiki is already in every cell of their bodies, in the air they breathe, in the food they eat, the sunshine that touches their skin, and that every thought in their brain moves Reiki through the universe. So if all living things are suffused with Reiki already, why do we need a practice called Reiki, and why do we need an initiation to use it?

In these workshops, held in-person at the NYC Reiki Center, we sit on cushions on the floor in a circle and together explore the spiritual practices of Reiki left to us by Usui Sensei. Through meditation and conscious Reiki practice, we will attempt to achieve a state of unity in which the Reiki within us ceases to appear different from the Reiki without. Each month’s theme is different, as our group endeavors to answer the questions that come up for each of us.

NOTE: This class is only for students who have already been initiated in Reiki.

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